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Nest  Productions is a strategy consultancy based in the New York area. We  work with individuals, executives and corporations to create, manage and  build brands. In addition, we are a liaison for booking public speakers  and event teams.  With our focus on a diverse clientele, we are able to laser-focus and coach companies and individuals to achieve strategic growth.

Manager. We can negotiate deals for you for licensing, speaking and partnerships.

Speaking.  With our focus on corporate, not-for-profit clients and special events,  we can identify a keynote speaker, manage a celebrity appearance and  assist event professionals to ensure a strong draw for your event. Work  with our team within your budget, and we can partner with another agency  to find the right partner. 

Consulting.  Various issues affect brands - from packaging to strategy. Sometimes  you need an external professional to help you with media training or the  "look" of your brand. You decide, and we will be flexible to advise.

Film | Video. We have produced several award winning and highly recognized film and video series on various topics. Our accolades include film festival recognition - International Women's Film Festival (IWFF) and the Hoboken International Film Festival (HIFF).

Confidentiality.  With our high profile work, we can help as a behind the scenes advisory  group. We also work to guide our speakers to utilize PR teams, book  paid events and other means to ensure long term recognition of your  brand.

Fee Structure.  Negotiated as a percentage of what you receive for a  booking or as a retainer fee for consulting  services.


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